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Many websites and online services must be able to identify where their visitors are located, either to display the website in the user's native language, to automatically complete online forms, or to produce better search results based on the user's location.

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Many sites that distribute multimedia content need to know where their users are located to restrict access based on each user's geographic location, as they are contractually bound by their agreements with the owners of the broadcasting rights. In many cases, geolocation is also important to keep certain users from abusing online services, for example, by offering e-commerce websites a tool to reduce fraud or limit their services to certain countries or regions.

Since LAC was approved, every day LACNIC publishes a list of the assignments and sub-assignments made in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, including the country and city of the organization receiving the resources. Also, you can find this report in. It should be noted that the information provided might correspond to the city and country registered in the service agreement each member maintains with LACNIC or to the client address stated by the member.

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For example, if you have multiple versions of your application across different platforms, you might prefer an API instead of a database because making the database available to each application version will require either maintaining separate versions of the same database or creating the API yourself. If there is a hard request limit and you meet that limit, your application might become unavailable depending on how the service you have chosen chooses to handle accounts meeting the threshold. Without automatic updates, you might be looking at downtime.

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Speaking of downtime, another disadvantage of a third-party hosted API is the potential for downtime. If this service goes down, you might be left unable to provide an essential service for your application, and depending on how your application is engineered you might see downtime as well. When choosing whether or not to self-host the IP geolocation info you need it is essential to consider the benefits, advantages, and caveats of using an API or hosting the data yourself. Most importantly because depending on how vital this information is to your application, the wrong choice could have some massive implications for your business.

Now that we have an overview of what IP geolocation data is, and what kind of providers are out there, you might be wondering, what can I use it for?

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An obvious use case for an IP geolocation database is to customise content based on the location the visitor is viewing the page from. This might include things like adjusting the currency on your pricing page to displaying the right options to a user in a drop-down. Displaying the right content to your users if your content differs from region to region is essential.

For example, if your service purports to show people a map with the nearest emergency room, it is vital to have the correct location info when displaying based on visitor IP.

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Adjusting content for your page visitors is one of the most widely used examples of how these services can be useful. If your business needs to know where a visitor is from to display appropriately updated information around its products or services, an IP geolocation database might be the answer. This is a great way to get the location of your visitor and change which page gets displayed to them. One use case would be for Service area businesses SABs.

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These businesses might want to promote the fact that they serve a variety of cities surrounding the city in which they are physically located, and a great way to do that is to detect the city in which a visitor is in and to let that visitor know they information about the service via an alternative landing page. An advantage of this method is that you might also be able to rank your page using SEO for that local service city, which would help to provide you more visitors and also help popularise your service in those service cities.

You might also think of using location-specific landing pages if you are a multiple location brick and mortar business. This would be if you had more than one physical location or office.

Displaying a custom landing page for each office will help you rank better organically in SEO, will give your visitors a better experience on your website, and can help you do things like link to the correct Google My Business listing and adequately provide the relevant information about your service at that location. Your business could have just three locations or as many as one hundred locations.

The value-adds would be the same. If you can provide visitors with information about the location that serves them, that enhances their experience on the web. One great way to ensure that relevant information to them is by using an IP geolocation database. Using location information to serve targeted ads is a great way to increase revenue as a publisher.

Ad networks like Google Adsense usually handle this themselves, but if you wanted to help your native ads and provide this functionality to your advertisers, an IP geolocation service is a great way to get things done. One example might be if your visitors are from a region or city that an advertiser wants to direct towards a particular service or landing page.

You could lead visitors to that page based on their location. This could help to increase conversion rates for your advertisers which would, in turn, increase the value of serving ads on your site.

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If you would like to serve your ads on your website, you can also take advantage of this targeting behaviour. For example, with native ads, say you want to let users from a particular state or region know that you are introducing a new product or service, just for their area. Let them know with a location-specific targeted ad! Localized ads are similar to targeted ads in that you are using the website visitors location to determine which ad to serve them. Where they differ, is in what type of content they are promoting to the user. They are going to be more concerned with ensuring that the ad you are serving is in the correct language, identifies the location correctly, etc.

This might be an example where you need to display the actual currency based on the location of your user alongside your ad. You could use localised ads to provide this functionality on your site. More and more prosecuting bodies are bringing cases involving cyber-crimes such as cyber-stalking and identity theft. Prosecutors often have the capability of determining the IP address data necessary to link a suspect to a particular crime. Online retailers and payment processors use geolocation to detect possible credit card fraud by comparing the user's location to the billing address on the account or the shipping address provided.

A mismatch — an order placed from the US on an account number from Tokyo, for example — is a strong indicator of potential fraud. IP address geolocation can be also used in fraud detection to match billing address postal code or area code. Whois databases can also help verify IP addresses and registrants.

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Government, law enforcement and corporate security teams use geolocation as an investigatory tool, tracking the Internet routes of online attackers to find the perpetrators and prevent future attacks from the same location. Since geolocation software can get the information of user location, companies using geomarketing may provide web content or products that are famous or useful in that specific location.

By geolocating viewers, they can be certain of obeying licensing regulations.

Jim Ramo, chief executive of movie distributor Movielink, said studios were aware of the shortcomings going in and have grown more confident now that the system has been shown to work. A location-based game is a type of pervasive game for smartphones or other mobile devices in which the gameplay evolves and progresses via a player's real-world location which is typically reported via GPS. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. HTML5 Geolocation. O'Reilly Media. Retrieved Retrieved 10 January Ashcroft - Expert report of Seth Finkelstein".