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The trick in this case would be to activate and use the feature that supports the usage of Yahoo Mail and Gmail shortcuts on the Outlook interface.

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  3. Level 2—Intermediate.

This is especially useful for people who plan to switch their email service but are used to using their previous keyboard shortcuts. You will be able to activate only one set of shortcuts at a given time.

Level 1—Beginner

That means you will either have to choose the default set or select from Yahoo Mail and Gmail. If not, you can deactivate all of them. Step 2: This will take you to Outlook Options page.

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  • Yahoo! Mail.
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  • Under the section for Customizing Outlook you will find a link for Keyboard shortcuts. Click on this link.

    How to Search for Messages in Yahoo Mail

    Step 3: The next page you will see is for Keyboard shortcuts. Select one of the four radio buttons and click on Save.

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