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Nosworthy, 6 Prudence m. Henry Pitt, brother of Col. Robert Pitt, m. Ann, widow of Robert Watson, and she m'd, thirdly, Col. Issue: Thomas, born , who m. Mary William and Mart College Quarterly. Pitt, dau. Hester Bridger, dan. Elizabeth Nosworthy, gr. Dated 6 June, ; proved June 9, Will of Major Nicholas Hill, the first day of January, His body to be buried as near his deceased wife and chil- dren as may be; to his wife Silvester for life my plantation in Isle of Wight with all the houses, buildings, orchards, and gar- dens thereto belonging, being bounded betwixt the cart path that goes from the mill belonging to Mr.

George Hardy towards the church and the swamp commonly called the Meadows, with lib- erty to make use of any timber growing upon the land bought of Col. Bichard Briggs' and Mr. George Branch ; to son George Hill all my woodland, betwixt the aforesaid branch betwixt Mr. Briggs' and Mr. Beckenoe's plantations, and the old cart path that goes from the Biver side to Blackwater, being the bounds betwixt the land Col. Agnes Hill; to dau.

Martha one scarlet mantle bought of Mr. Thomas Gould, deced; to wife Silvester my silver tankard, with what money and rings she shall be pos- Smith, d. Eobert Pitt was in Justice of Aecomac Co. Isle of Wight County Ebcords. Bressie and John Jennings overseers of my will. Proved by the oath of Mr. John Newman 20 Oct. Mary Davis, 21st of same month. Teste, John Jennings, Clerk.

Will of Rebecca Izard: Dau. Eebecca Bagnall, dau. Dated 15 Oct. Will of John Clay, C, his mark : pr. Will of William Clay, dated 10 June, ; proved 17 feb. John and his dau. Eliza- beth Clay ; my dau. Elizabeth Clay and wife Judith. Will of Francis England of Blackwater, P. Ann, wife of Mr. George Branch, daughter's sons : Geo. John Guthridge and John Pearson overseers. Dated 13 May, ; pr. Will of John Hardy, of the lower parish, in the Isle of Wight co.

Olive Driver, wife of Giles Driver, dau. Lucy Council, wife of Hodges Councill, dau. Deborah Hardy; gr. Dated 7 Oct. Dated 29 Dec. Letter to the court "from yo r Beall and faithful friend, John George," reciting: "My dau. Bebecca, relict of Phill. Alice Watts; dafter Mary English.

Dated 13 Aug. Will of Anthony ffulgeham: Land I now live on to bro. Nicholas ffulgeham; bro. Michaill ffulgeham, brother John's son Anthony; kinswoman Martha Pulgeham, dau. Dated 14 Oct. Will of [Lt. In the Surry records there is a suit: Col. John George, pit. Spencer's first wife was Elizabeth White, dau. John White. Lear married, secondly, before Rebecca, widow of Col. Leonard Yeo, of Eliz. City Co.

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She was dead before His will was proved in Henrico Co. He mentions his "sister Pitt," probably Martha, wife of Col. Robert Pitt. Both Lear and Yeo are west of England names. Peter Lear, of Devonshire, was created a baronet for his loyalty to Charles I. Isle op Wight County Becords. Disposes of much silver. Edward Wiekens Lt. Francis Ayres' Inventory Will of Joyce Cripps, X her mark, dated 18 April, , — pr.

C, wife of George Cripps. Legacies to Sarah Lupo ; Geo. Will of Robert Burnett, R his mark: Dau. Ann Burnett; brother William Mayo; brothers, Mr. Arthur Allen and Mr. Witnesses, William Mayo, Roger Jones. Arthur Smith and Rich'd Reynolds overseers. Proved 9th Dec, Will of Jno. Susannah Conley. Eliz- abeth, Mary, Anne. Dated 16 Nov. Elizabeth; bro. John Richardson. Will of Coll. Joseph Bridger 1 : Personal estate to be equally divided between his wife and sons : Joseph, Samuel and William, and daus.

Martha Godwin , Mary and Elizabeth, share and share alike; except Martha Godwin is to have one hundred pds. Thomas, Va. XL, p. He married Hester Pitt, d- of Col. Vpton, and acres formerly belonging to Mr. Seward, and she keeping the Brick housing and orchard in repaire; after her death they are to go to his son Joseph, as well as half the land at Curawaock for his natural life, and remainder to the heirs male of his body; also tract at Manokin: to my mother Mrs.

Mary Bridger 5 pounds yearly during her life. Pitt, Mr. Pitt and Coll. Arthur Smith to assist my wife, to whom I give 20 shillings apiece to buy Rings. Wife Hester Bridger Ex x. By a codicil he disinherits his son Joseph, "who I finde fly out with divers dissolute courses of life and is grown very dis- obedient to me. Dated 18 Oct. Proved May 8, Dated 22 Oct.

June 9, Receipt of Mr. Godwin for share of his wife Martha's legacy directed by Coll. Bridger's will : pds. Perry and Lane. Dated 16 July, Similar receipt by Capt. Similar receipt by Mr. Lear in behalf of his wife Eliza- beth. Appraisment of Coll. Bridger's estate. Mentions chamber over the store, the store goods, upper chamber of the oulde bricke house.

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In the next chamber, in the first chamber of the first story, in the next chamber, dining room, children's chamber; uppermost chamber of the new house, middle uppermost cham- ber, 3rd chamber over the dining room, the gallery, parlor, hall, lower chamber, kitchen chamber, outer chamber, landing, kitchen, cellar, 13 negroes, 4 white servants ; total value of goods including a sloop that will carry about 28 hhds.

Tobacco debts, 22,b. Several bills of exchange sent to Mr. Due in porke, b. Will of Thomas Parnell, cooper, dated 10 Oct. Susanna; 3 daus; my children shall be brought up in the fear of the Lord and to learne to wright and reade; Sister Jemima Drake. My cloth coate or hayre camlett coat to Mr. Jane's best suit of apparell ; Boaz Givin. Mary ; "youngest son ;" brothers Humphrey Marshall and Peter Best. Dated 4 Oct.

Will of Geo. Guttridges and Wm. Evans overseers. Will of Thomas Pitt: To deare and loving wife Mary Pitt her first choyce of two of my negroes as alsoe the two diamond rings, her wedding Einge and inamelled ring with all her wear- ing apparell and necklace of pearl; seven children, Thomas, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth, Henry, Anne and Patience Pitt ; to his wife the plantation I now live on as far as the cart path that goeth from John Champion's alias Coll. Dated 21 Aprill, ; pr. Jane Jones, dau. Anne Harris; 3 youngest sons George, Martin and William. Will of Eobert Kae : To four grand daus.

De- cember 10th, Mary Brant- ley, Phillip's son Edward.

Jan'y 9, Will of James Sampson, f mark: Dau. Margaret wife of Nicholas Wilson one silver Bowie and 2 silver wine cupps, one with a foot and the other with a bulge, and three silver spoons with nobs at the ends, and six pounds sterling to buy her a silver Tankard, one sky colored water tabby gown, two fine holland pil- low beeres with Elgin lace and one piece of stuffe strip't with blew, a round black scarf e with a flanders lace, and my best bed with blankets, sheets and coverlid and my cedar chest and eabi- nett,my horse and mare and filly; my son-in-law Nicholas Wilson a coasting coat and a blew silke sash and half my pewter, and one gould ringe to his wife.

My wife's two daus. Elizabeth and Margaret referred to in a codicil. April 9, John Goodrich, aged 37, on April 9, Will of William Evans : Son Thomas all my land at King- sale being acres more or less, my bible and all my armes ; and remaining estate to be divided between wife and children. Eobert make exor. Dated 12 July, ; pr. His inventory valued at ft tob. Appraisement of Mr. Thomas Pitt's estate: Sum total, b tob. Mentions hall and closet, kitchen, entry, parlor, panthre, Hall chamber, parlor chamber, porch chamber, Vppei entry. William Cole and said Thomas Pitt worth b.

Deed of Tristram Nosworthy 1 in behalf of his daus. Sarah and Elizabeth Nosworthy. William Baldwin lives ; rent of the plantation to go towards the seooling of youngest children; dau. Sarah ffulgam, dau. Martha, daus. Mary, Susanna and Euth; brother Nicholas, wife Anne ffulgeham, bros. John and Nicholas. Dated 17 Feb. March 9, Will of John Grove 2 : John Murrey exor. The testator above may have been some relation of the Quaker Joseph Groves, who wrote "New England Judged" — a book contining a full account of the sufferings of the people called Quakers at the hands of the Puritans in New England.

A copy is in the State Library. And to theire son John Lewis my darke col- ored serge Coate, 10th of 10th month, John Grove. Wit- nessed by Tho. Taberer, Jno. Will of Marmaduke Cherrieholm, late of Virginia, now resi- dent in Charlestown in the county of Middlesex, in New England, Chirurgion : "Imprimis all my just debts to be paid and the resi- due of my estate I bequeath unto my good friend Bartholomew Greene, of Charlestown, mariner, aforesaid, from whom I have received many obliging kindnesses, and particular all that legacy bequeathed to me by the will of my honored father Thomas Cher- richolme, late of Wakefield, in Yorkshire, in England, apothe- cary, deceased.

Tibbotts master; to Nicholas Wilson pds. Margaret Wilson, wife to Nich- olas, 10, pds. Raven- scrafts sloope, and nineteen barrels of Nailes, from No. Richard Tibbots ten pds. Henry Tooker and Henry Baker overseers. Dated Jan. Berkely, and was wounded in the leg when Bacon besieged the Governor at Jamestown in He is described "as an honest, loyall person — a great sufferer in his stock and otherwise.

Taylor : his children "to be brought up in the fear of God and to learn to write and read" ; son Thomas Smith, sole exor.

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Peter Hull, Mr. Peter Knight and Mr. Hardy overseers, 20 shillings apiece to buy them Eings. Dated 1st Oct. Beeorded february 9, Written by Clk underneath, "The old record being in many places disorderly and deficient ; he was father of Col. Arthur Smith. Samuel Bridger married the widow of Mr. Joseph Woory. Will of Thomas Taberer, 8 dated 14 Jan. Euth; grson Thomas Webb, son of William and dau. Mary Webb; dau. Christian's children and dau. Elizabeth Copeland's children and to Elizabeth WombwelPs children ; gr. Christian Jordan; my son John Numan to keep Joseph to school till he can write and reade sufficiently.

Codicil, wherein he mentions 3 gr. His inventory mentions: A 1 Mr. The above was ancestor of Arthur Smith, member of Congress. See his will published in full by E. Thomas writes his name Tabemer, but it was really Taberer. His wife was a legatee under the will of Richard Bennett. See Va. So was Elizabeth Outland, whom Edmundson visited in at Chuckatuck, where he held "many precious meetings.

By John Newman I. Inventory of Mr. Legacy to Wm. Goodrich: Sons George, John; daus.

Constance Goodrich, Honnor Goodrich, Eliz. Goodrich, Mary Goodrich; 20 shillings apiece for wedding rings; Bro. Bobert Kae and Mr. Day overseers. Dated 9 June, ; pr. Will of Tho. Moore : Names Edward Champion, Jr. Carrell overseers. Proved 9, 10 br , See Vol. There is in the Surry Co. Jane Benn ; daus. Sarah Monro and Mary Pitt; certain lands entailed on his sons and daus. Mary Lerv. Dated 6 feb. Will of Robert Marshall, M. Dated 18 July, ; proved 9 Aug. Will of John Goodrich, Sr. John Good- rich, wife Bebeccah. Dated 20 Aug. Will of James Tulladgh: Son James and daus.

John Griffin, brother of my daus. Dated 26 March, ; proved 2 May, Dated 15 July, ; proved 9 Aug. Harris D r , ; Wm. Clarke D r 2 sons Schooling, 68; James Lupoe yo r son 50 and dau. By Eobt. Recorded Cha. Chapman, Clk. James Tulladgh's estate— lbs. William Thomas. Dated 31 10 th , ; pr.

June, Dated 10 April, ; pr. Published in open court. Will of Peter Best, P. Dated 20 Oct. Will of Hodges Council, H. Christian, wife of Edward Birand, dau. Dated 9 Aug. Dated 6 Sep. Eliz- abeth at 18 or marriage and his sons at 21 ; for raising of money for several legacies and "for the better and more orderly bringing up and educating my said children, that my two freehold mes- suage and tenem ts with their apptences, now in y 8 sevall occupa- cons of Jno. Peters, y e poor, in London, be immediately put to sale and disposed of to y 8 best advantage, and I doe hereby enable authorize and empower my good and 1 In the list of wills at Bristol published by the British Records Society are named the wills of John Day , Thomas , Sibill , Mary , Mary , William Day , John An abstract of the will of Thomas Bland, of London, gent.

The abstract of the will of Thomas Bland, of London, merchant, 25 Nov. New Engl. Hist, and Gen. Register, Vol. See Richard Bennett's will in Appendix. Mieajah Perry, Mr. Thomas Lane, Mr. Isabella Ha- veild, Mr. Wife Mary Day. Dated 10 Aug. By codicil he mentions "his ever honored mother Mrs. Mary Cropley," 1 and bequeaths to her 10 pds.

Harrison my kinsman son of John H. William Harrison; pds. My wife Susannah my copper still with y e uten- sils and after decease to John and Will Harrison, to my wife my Gold seal ring. Jordan the son of Thomas Jordan, lately deee'd, and Robert Lacier of Lawne's Creek in Surry; to whom I give and grant full power that at the decease of any one of them, they make choice of another amongst the people called Quakers to continue y 9 number from time to time forever.

And it is my will y 4 any three of them make an Inventory of all my goods and chattels to pportion them as above 'Gen. Richard Bennett, in his will pr. April 12, , leaves 25f sterl. Mary Cropley, wife of Luke Cropley, of London. Isle op Wight County Eecoeds. Har- rison allowed Timber off certain lands to construct a dwelling house 35 feet in length, and a tobacco house forty feet. Wife Susannah sole ex x.

Dated 22 Jan. Will of William Exum: Son Francis, dau.

The Contribution of African Americans in Smithfield & Isle of Wight County

Deborah Jones, Wife Jane. Dated 3 Dec, ; proved 10 Feb. Will of James Bagnall : Dau. Eebeeca, sons Nathan, Eobert, Joseph, dau. Sarah, dau. Mary, sister Martha Eutter. Eecorded April, Virginia : My Father Coll. James Pitt his strong-water still and furniture and silver tumbler marked J. PMC ; a silver tumbler marked S. Sarah Nosworthy 5 shillings, Martha Nosworthy 5 shil- lings, dau. Prudence Driver 2 cows; dau. Mary Drury 5 shill. John Brom- field's estate. John Pitt Exor. Dated 28 Nov. Dated 12 Oct.

See Hotten's Lists of Emigrants to America. Anne Applewhaite six silver spoons ; lands at Pasture Neck. Ann, Elizabeth and Sarah. Anna Barries. Dated 5th June, ; proved 10 Sept. William Green my Seal Eing, and Bro. Will of Mrs. Lawrence Baker, of Surry. Lawrence Baker. Major J. Crocker writes : " 1 find it stated by Dr. Semmes J. Baker in his account of the Baker family — descended from Henry Baker — made Fb. Dick Cocke or some of his family. Mary, dau. Signed and sealed 20 October, Witnesses, William Browne, Fran. Lee, James Wilson, Sarah S. Proved 9 Jan. Teste, Charles Chapman, CI.

My overseers Mr. Stephen Warren, Thorn. Walter and Bichard Nelson 40 shill. Dated 30 Nov. Becorded in General Court. Becorded in Isle of Wight, April 17, Nosworthy, pr. George Nosworthy's children, coz. Julian Nosworthy, dau. John; coz. George Nosworthy, that is now in England. Samuel Bridger, President of the County Court, Henry Lightfoot, Clerk. Will of Charles Chapman: Son John, gr. Dated Dee. Mary Hill, dau. Sarah, Mary, and Anne, dau. Sarah Scutehins, son-in-law Henry Applewhaite and Coll. Bridger, Exors. Dated 27 July, ; proved 26 May, Dated 10 June, ; proved 28 July, Will of Mary Gladhill, "the only surviving ex x of my deceased husband James Day :" She speaks of a large sum of money in the hand of Margaret Perry and Thomas Lane arising from sales in England and a large sum in the hands of Mr.

John Lear and Elizabeth his wife, ex x of the will of Mrs. Luke Haveild, of Nansemond co. You can use the services for personal, business, or educational use. Services that are offered include researching your family history, researching your house history, researching local history, and researching for educational projects. There is no fee for consulting records. Please make an appointment prior to your visit if you wish to receive material on microfilm.

Personal services offered include tracing your ancestors and family history and genealogy. You could trace ownership of property. Indeed, we have stated that. If a communication is entitled to a qualified privilege, then there is no inference of malice arising from its publication, but rather " the onus is cast upon the person claiming to have been defamed to prove the existence of malice.

In this case, the circuit court held that Small's statements were entitled to a qualified privilege, since " [h]e [was] an administrator of the county who [was] reporting to the Board of Supervisors, the controlling authority for the county. Whether an absolute or qualified privilege applies under the circumstances of this case " is a question of law that, like all questions of law, we review de novo. Knight, Va.

Although we have discussed absolute privilege in the judicial context on numerous occasions, see, e. Holland, Va. Hence, whether a communication made by an assistant county administrator to a member of a county's board of supervisors during a board meeting is absolutely privileged is a question of first impression in this Court.

Small urges us to adopt the Restatement's approach to applying absolute privilege in the legislative context. Under that approach, " [a] witness is absolutely privileged to publish defamatory matter as part of a legislative proceeding in which he is testifying or in communications preliminary to the proceeding, if the matter has some relation to the proceeding. The Restatement clarifies that legislative proceedings include not only those held by the " highest legislative body of a State," but also those held by " subordinate legislative bodies to which the State has delegated legislative power, such as a city council or county board.

It also states that " the absolute privilege of witnesses in legislative hearings and other legislative proceedings is similar in all respects to that of witnesses in judicial proceedings. As Small notes, the Restatement's approach to applying absolute privilege in the legislative context is similar to the approach we have taken to applying the privilege in the judicial context.

We have stated that if a " communication is made in Mount Vernon Assocs.


McKelvie, Id. We have also noted that " [t]he public interest is best served when individuals who participate in law suits are allowed to conduct the proceeding with freedom to speak fully on the issues relating to the controversy. Just as in judicial proceedings, we think that absolute privilege in legislative proceedings serves the public interest. In particular, it encourages individuals who participate in such proceedings to speak freely on issues relating to " the operation of the government. Lewis, Ill. That public interest, however, must be balanced against " the right of an individual to enjoy his reputation free from defamatory attacks.

We therefore believe that application of the privilege should be limited to proceedings before a legislative body in which the public interest in free speech outweighs the potential harm to an individual's reputation. In our view, this only occurs when the legislative body is acting in its legislative capacity-i. The facts of this case present two central issues. The first is whether absolute privilege should be afforded not only to the General Assembly, but also to subordinate legislative bodies to which it has delegated legislative power, such as boards of supervisors.

The second is whether all proceedings before subordinate legislative bodies fall under the umbrella of legislative proceedings to which the attachment of the privilege serves the public interest. Our resolution of the second issue determines the outcome of this case. The General Assembly has granted certain powers to county boards of supervisors.

The broadest of these powers is a general police power. In accordance with that power, a county, through its board of supervisors, " may adopt such measures as it deems expedient to secure and promote the health, safety and general welfare of its inhabitants which are not inconsistent with the general laws of the Commonwealth. Not all powers given to boards of supervisors, however, are legislative in nature; some are supervisory or administrative.

That section, however, is not applicable here because the County has the traditional form of government, not the optional county board form.

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Assuming, without deciding, that absolute privilege is afforded to subordinate legislative bodies, the creation of legislation is the nexus that supports the application of the privilege. Absolute privilege therefore does not attach to communications made by participants in proceedings conducted by a board of supervisors that do not concern the creation of legislation. Absolute privilege is an affirmative defense.

See Chaves v. Johnson, Va. Accordingly, Small bore the burden of establishing that the statements giving rise to Nogiec's defamation claim were absolutely privileged. The record reflects that Small presented no evidence to meet this burden, but rather relied on the evidence produced by Nogiec. That evidence does not demonstrate that the Board was acting in a legislative capacity when Small gave his report. On the contrary, it shows that the Board was acting in a supervisory or administrative capacity. The Board had convened to receive a report on the efforts being undertaken to repair County property i.

Thus, because the Board was not acting in a legislative capacity when it received Small's report, its meeting was not a legislative proceeding to which the public interest supports the attachment of an absolute privilege. We therefore conclude that Small's statements were not absolutely privileged. While Small's statements were not entitled to an absolute privilege, they were entitled to a qualified privilege because, as an assistant administrator for the County, Small had a duty to report the status of the museum repairs to the Board.

We believe that under the circumstances of this case, a qualified privilege afforded Small sufficient protection from liability for defamation because the statements, whether compelled or volunteered, were only actionable if Nogiec was able to prove that they were made with malice. Hence, the circuit court properly submitted to the jury the issue of whether the statements were made with malice.

Accordingly, we hold that the circuit court did not err in denying Small's motions to strike and set aside the verdict on Nogiec's defamation claim. Because we conclude that absolute privilege does not apply under the circumstances of this case, we need not address Nogiec's argument that Small waived it by failing to plead it as an affirmative defense in his responsive pleadings.

The circuit court erred in denying the County's motions to strike and set aside the verdict on Nogiec's breach of contract claim. We therefore reverse the circuit court's judgment in favor of Nogiec and enter final judgment in favor of the County on that claim.

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The circuit court, however, did not err in denying Small's motions to strike and set aside the verdict on Nogiec's defamation claim. We therefore affirm the circuit court's judgment in favor of Nogiec on that claim. Record No. Back to Results. Download Print Get alerts. Isle of Wight County v. Nogiec S.