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Dealers can now list their inventory on Carfax.

This free program gives dealers additional exposure on CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, and allows service customers to track their service history, including in-app maintenance reminders and recall alerts so car owners know important service and safety information. Choosing the Right Cars for Your Inventory. Jumpstarting Sales with a New Campaign. Transparency Can Enhance Your Reputation. All rights reserved. By following the advice on this page, you should be able to find yourself a reliable used car that will serve you well for years to come. And the great thing is, if you find any information on the CarFax report to be incorrect in the near future, the company has a buy-back guarantee program to help you out of that jam.

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How To Read A Vehicle History Report (CARFAX, AutoCheck)

Call Service. Accidents and Flood Damage Plenty of vehicles are in minor accidents each and every day that end up having little to no affect on how they perform in the long run. Multiple Owners While not a sign of a bad car, multiple owners do stand out on a used car report, especially if the car is newer or has low miles. Gaps or Irregularities in Reporting Speaking of irregularities, you should always be on the look for large gaps in the reporting of data about the vehicle. Rental Cars Again, not a death sentence when looking for a good used car, but definitely a sign to take caution.

Automotive SEO by Wikimotive. Very happy I did this. I found the car history to be of use in regards to accidents and such. I wish I had used it before for some previous purchases.

Carfax can only tell you what they are told by car dealers For example; dealer reports that vehicle had to have an electrical check when in reality the system shorted out. But they don't tell Carfax that. Dealers were, and are what they will always be; sneaks.

Understanding Carfax and AutoCheck (Vehicle History Reports)

By looking at my vehicle report, you wouldn't recognize it as my car. Carfax did a good job but they can only report what they're told. I went to get an estimate on a trade in at Concord Nissan and they tried offering me for my Nissan Frontier which is scandalous in that based upon appraisal beforehand with no frame damage just very very minor scratches.

Carfax has inaccurate information obviously and I almost got screwed based upon carfax and Nissan trying to be dishonest with me!!!! No sale!!! I still have the truck and will sell to my friends only. Dont trust either of these crooks!

CARFAX Vehicle History Report for American Cars

Concord Nissan, and Carfax foxes belong in the woods not estimating values of autos. What a joke!!!! Once they got my debit card the cursor of the computer jumped to the Now I sent an email, I called my back to dispute, I believe it is a fraud because I am not the only one, there are many complaints about this charge. I want to sell my car with the report. NOW I want my money back. I will never again do any business with them again.

Gaps or Irregularities in Reporting

I make report everyplace I can, I even will call 7 on your side. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. FACT: I recently purchased an absolutely immaculate Jaguar XK convertible from a very reputable dealer who has been in this business of taking slightly damaged cars and restoring to tip-top new condition.

They sent me the pictures taken by the insurance company chowing very minor front cosmetic damage, with no frame or structural damage. When I received the car it was absolutely immaculate!


I have read numerous like experiences on this site and CARFAX should not be allowed to publish such false and inaccurate reports based on totally inaccurate information. It is all very general and mostly inaccurate information which is total BS. However, trying to sell a car with a false and totally inaccurate report costs the owner thousands of dollars. I plan to take this up with my credit card company and dispute the charge because this report was worthless and I had been led to believe it would have more value than what I could easily get online.