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The voluntary step comes days after new government research showed that Juul is the top brand among high schoolers who use e-cigarettes and that many prefer mint. The company says the profit amounted to 87 cents per diluted share for the quarter ended Sept. Police said just after a.

Suspected Hayat Tahrir al-Sham gunmen walked off with thousands of dollars worth of Canadian-financed electronics devices, according to declassified documents. Global Affairs Canada says there have been no reports of any Canadian citizens being among the victims. Nearly one million ants were trapped in a Polish bunker for years, where they survived entirely by feasting on one another. A family of four on a mission trip to South Africa were all killed in a traffic collision there on Nov.

According to EMS, paramedics were called to the scene in the block of Panamount Heights at about a. A person was found dead in a field west of Millarville, Alta. Firefighters had to wait for ATCO to shut off the gas before the blaze could be fully extinguished. The long-awaited unveiling of a restored Hawker Hurricane was attended by more than aviation enthusiasts, including a Second World War pilot, in Calgary on Wednesday. Cannabis edibles could be hitting store shelves as soon as December in Canada and that has Calgary vets concerned.

Alberta politicians are to debate the role of conscience rights and the responsibilities of physicians asked to assist or advise on abortions, contraception or medically assisted deaths. More Weekly Flyers. What is this? X What is this? More stories below. I remember specifically lots of immigrants working meanial jobs bus drivers, janitors, food service but they rake in the cash. Long 12 hour days for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. Then 1 week off.

Long drive up there too.

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Some take the Greyhound. Others have the company fly them in. They are the more valued workers. You can be a roughneck on the oil rigs.


I usually google "Rig Count" to see how the market is. If you are a good worker they keep ya, if you are not they kick ya loose quick. Usually sweeping construction sites, cleaning up or loading unloading trucks. Easy jobs are the Traffic Flaggers. But you'd need good english skills. I knew a Russian women that cut my hair, she spoke really good english after only 5 yrs in Canada. Never tip a taxi as its expensive. Car2Go is a great service for short 1 or 2 hour trips.

They got cars everywhere. I usually go for their 4 door Mercedes as they are powerful turbos. The wimpy Smart cars are suprislingly great in the winter. Sometimes they can be cheaper. They dont accept pre-paid credit cards. You can take a bus to the airport. Think its the bus goes there. I never used it. No buses go out to Cross-Iron Mills mall. Not yet anyway. Just a bus for their employees. Edmonton has a racetrack too. Grey Eagle has a Bingo hall where you can smoke. Thats the only place.

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Very few natives work there. Not many people there at all. Banff is over-rated. Good for a few days. Lots of Asians tourists. Expensive hotels. Stampede is worth it to go atleast once. Its the same thing every year. If you like to party and get drunk then thats your thing.

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First week in July. Same rides every year. Different concerts. Coke stage is free concerts with admission. Beer tents downtown on 4th street, 10 ave alley.

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Its all a gong show, I usually leave Calgary when Stampede comes. Too many Calaway Park is another attraction for children. They got a campsite there too. Skiing in the winter is expensive. Sunshine Coach bus is available. Rentals of ski equipment are costly too. The new thing is mountain bike riding the ski hills. Canada Olympic Park has one. Dunno about the major ski hills. Golf is expensive too. Watch out for the Red Light camera's at intersections. Expensive tickets now. The red light camera's have speed sensors too.

Parking is expensive downtown. Car2Go you dont pay for parking at city lots or on street. Secured though. Not heated. Tim Hortons food is all frozen and reheated by philapeno's.

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No more bakers or fresh donuts. If you want fresh go to a grocery store. Timmies is famous for their coffee. Even their soup comes in frozen, bagels too come in frozen. Nothing fresh there, just there new salads. Chicken on the Way is a classic famous Calgary restaraunt. Burger joint on Edmonoton Trail called Boogies Burger. Bars I dont know, I dont drink anymore.

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Melrose is closed down. Revamped into another yuppy bar. Some liquor stores are open from 10am to 2am. Some alcoholics mentioned the airport was a good place to grab some booze before 10am. But probably not after 2am as I think the airport is closed. Prices are different from store to store. Always use common sense. They sling bread everyday at the front door. Miss payments, cancel policy means next time you pay full year upfront. Used bicycles at Goodlife Community Bicycle on 4th street and arund 27 Ave in the strip mall.

Or your local bum can get you one cheaper ; When buying a vehicle make sure it was last registered in Alberta. You can check at the Registry, get the VIN for the vehicle. Pick N Pull sells used vehicles at cheap prices and Kijiji. Lindsey Park now called the Talisman Center is a good spot too. World Health has locations but its expensive. They have to do upgrades so it will cost you money now. Splash parks are around. Mark on Jul 08, : Lots of mis-information here. I came to look at what it would cost for utilities per month for a house.

I have only lived in well insulated condo's in Calgary built since Condo's charge condo fees. You can look at www. The slums are Marborough and North from there. Lots of immigrants and poor people there.

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Party time is along 17 ave SW. Its loud so you want something a few blocks off. You pay a premium for being so close to downtown. Lots of bums down there. Especially 17 Ave and 14 Street. All the nice area's are South of Glenmore Trail. Of course Crowchild and Sarcee area's.

Then you get into U of C area. Still respectable, more so then the hoods and slums. Please remember that Calgary has far less crime then Edmonton. You get higher paying jobs here too. There seems to be more bums spread out now, in front of Walmart and such. Bums in Calgary never starve and they always have a roof over their heads if they choose. Mustard Seed has a warehouse for them to sleep and eat its up in the Foothills Industrial Park.

They all give out 3 meals a day, plus the Food Bank and the religious groups that sling their message and food with kool-aid ; Calgary can get quite cold in the winter. The Drop In centre has a clothing area. Marks Works Warehouse sometimes donates their wares. I got free heated boots from them once. Sally Ann was slinging the donations years ago. Winter jackets every year. Used not new. Just saying if you see a bum with a sign that says "Hungry" they are lying.

Lots of bums picking bottles, but they seem to pick bins that are picked times a day at the c-train stations. Cops drive unmarked Fords. Photo radar are in Ford F's. What else to say? Stony Trail is a good alternative to Deerfoot during rush hour. Its always empty, but its a longer drive too. Rooms smell nasty. Like the TNC up in the hood. Lots to choose from. Use Expedia. Bums do. Just camo it good. Hawks helicopter annoys me because its loud.

Hawks is the police helicopter. They always fly low. There is only one other helicopter which is the Traffic Heli. Plus the medical heli too. Jingo on Jun 06, : Lots of opportunities in Calgary you name it, a bit expensive but you get use to it as long as you have work, find a job is not that difficult just need patience same as other cities in the world. Pharmacist, truck drivers, engineers any profession might work, but remember if you want to settle in new place you have to be flexible in any ways in order to live while looking for the great opportunity that will fit yourself.