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Contact Info: Phone. Get driving directions to this office. Polk County Assessor's Office Services The Polk County Tax Assessor is the local official who is responsible for assessing the taxable value of all properties within Polk County, and may establish the amount of tax due on that property based on the fair market value appraisal. The Polk County assessor's office can help you with many of your property tax related issues, including: Property Tax Appraisals The Polk County Tax Assessor will appraise the taxable value of each property in his jurisdiction on a yearly basis, based on the features of the property and the fair market value of comparable properties in the same neighbourhood.

The assessor's office can provide you with a copy of your property's most recent appraisal on request. Property Renovations and Re-Appraisals If you renovate your property such as by adding living space, bedrooms, or bathrooms , the Polk County Assessor will re-appraise your home to reflect the value of your new additions.

Renovations may be reported to the Assessor's Office by the zoning board, contractors, or by the homeowner themselves. Unreported renovations will generally be discovered by the Assessor during the next on-site appraisal of the property. The Assessor may also re-appraise a property in the event of significant damage Paying Your Property Tax The Polk County Tax Assessor can provide you with a copy of your property tax assessment, show you your property tax bill, help you pay your property taxes, or arrange a payment plan.

Payments may be made to the county tax collector or treasurer instead of the assessor. Homestead Exemptions The Polk County Tax Assessor can provide you with an application form for the Polk County homestead exemption, which can provide a modest property tax break for properties which are used as the primary residence of their owners. Additional exemptions might be available for farmland, green space, veterans, or others.

Ad Valorem Taxes — These are property taxes based on the property value. The real property tax estimator will calculate the ad valorem portion of property taxes by multiplying the amount entered in Step 1 times the previous year's adopted millage rates also known as the tax rate of the local governments that taxed the property in the previous year. In the appropriate box, you should enter the most accurate estimate of the market value of the property on January 1st of the tax year for which you are estimating taxes.

You may obtain this value by referring to a recent appraisal or a recent sales price of the property. Keep in mind, however, that an appraisal or sales price that takes place months before the statutory assessment date of January 1st may not reflect market value on that date.

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This could be a problem with pre-construction sales prices, which may need to be adjusted to reflect the increase in value from the date of the contract to the January 1st appraisal date of the tax year for which you seek an estimate. Non-Ad Valorem Assessments — These are assessments against the property that are not based on market value.

They include special assessments and service charges for items such as solid waste districts, lighting districts, landscape districts, guard districts and Community Development Districts CDD. These non-ad valorem assessments are included in the estimate only if the local government charging them has arranged for them to be collected by the Polk County Tax Collector as part of the annual real property tax bill.

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The following year, however, the homestead exemption and assessment limitation will be removed resulting in a higher assessed value. Land Sketches , where available in Polk County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the property.

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Land Sketches are useful in determining the perimeter and square footage of a property, and are especially helpful to Surveyors , Appraisers , Foundation Repair companies, Lawn Care businesses, and Insurance Agents. Land Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch.

See the pricing schedule for credits. Improvement Sketches , where available in Polk County, TX, are small drawings showing the outer dimensions of the improvement found on the property. These are usually residential homes, but sketches for some commercial buildings may be available. Sketches are useful in determining the square footage and footprint of a building or improvement.

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View a sample sketch report. Improvement Sketches cost 4 credits per sketch. Delinquent Tax Data products must be purchased over the phone. Call us at for delinquent data pricing today.

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