How long does it take to find a stolen car

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How Do I Report A Card Lost or Stolen? | Discover

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England This advice applies to England: England home Advice can vary depending on where you live. Vehicle insurance — making a claim if your car or its contents are stolen This advice applies to England Print. Top tips You may be able to reduce the cost of your insurance if you fit your vehicle with an immobiliser or an alarm.

Stolen car recovery

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If you suspect the car's been taken, here are your three next steps:. Make sure your car has actually been stolen - retrace your steps and quickly do what you can to make sure the car's not been parked elsewhere. Once you have a crime number, contact your insurer and give them all the information they need to start your claim.

The information your claim is based on must be accurate, otherwise it could slow the process down or invalidate your cover. If you do have carjacking cover, it pays out to compensate you for any injuries you get, and the injuries sustained by other passengers assaulted during the attempted theft of your car. Sometimes the pay-out can instead be used to pay your legal representative. Some policies include damage to clothing or personal items and might cover stress or trauma counselling fees. If your car's found, tell your insurer immediately.

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  • How Do I Report A Card Lost or Stolen? | Discover?
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  • Police aren't required to notify you when they recover your stolen car - and often don't | KUTV.

The police will arrange for a company to recover your car. The details shouldn't appear publically on the HPI check or affect the sale price of your car. Your insurer will assess the car and decide if it needs repair or if it's a write-off.

What to do if your car's been stolen

You can then claim back the recovery fee too, assuming it's covered by your policy. If your car is only minimally damaged, your claim should be settled quickly, but it could take longer for heavily damaged cars. Either way, your insurer needs to make a reasonable offer of settlement within three months. Until the insurer offers you a settlement figure and you accept it, you still own the car.

As car value falls quickly, this figure could be a lot less than what you paid for it. Motor theft claims have reached their highest level in seven years, according to the Association of British Insurers ABI.

Keyless car theft involves thieves using a legal signalling device to trick the keyless system into unlocking your car, without needing to break into your home or damage the vehicle. Prevent your vehicle from being stolen and yourself from getting hurt:. Be alert to common carjacking scams, like objects being left in the road to make you leave your car to move them.

We Can Help You Recover Your Stolen Vehicle

A good car alarm and immobiliser can put thieves off and are a small price to pay if it keeps you and your car safe. Park in a safe, well-lit space. Car theft and insurance claims Would you know what to do if your car was stolen? Amy Smith Updated 16 September 4 min read.