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It may be a good idea to order additional copies so you have them when you need them. You can order additional copies of your marriage certificate in person, online, or by mail. If possible, try not to give away a valuable copy of your marriage certificate unless absolutely necessary.

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Method 3. Find a wedding ceremony location. When getting married in North Carolina, you can choose many locations to get married.

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Choose the venue that best suits the mood and formality of your wedding ceremony. Different ceremony venues can accommodate different numbers of people.

Look for the perfect reception site. Most weddings have a reception either immediately afterwards or later on in the same day. Reception sites offer a variety of amenities to guests. Choose a reception site that balances costs with the types of decorations and food you want at the reception. Find vendors for your wedding day. Some vendors you may need to find include your photographer, DJ, and caterer. You may not need all of these vendors and can even do a few of them yourself.

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These vendors should offer a discount for you at that venue. If you want to save money, you may be able to find friends to help out. Try making your own music playlist or having a friend take pictures. Additionally, you may be able to make your own food, such as in a potluck, to make the reception less expensive. Reach out to wedding vendors to discuss pricing and booking. The remainder will need to be paid after the wedding date. You want to find vendors that have good prices and that you also feel comfortable with. Have money prepared to pay your vendors a deposit.

This will guarantee that they are available and booked for your wedding date. Stay in contact with your vendors. Your days will get busier as you get closer to your wedding day. Check in with your vendors to see if they need anything additional from you. If possible, arrange for your vendors to tour your venue. They will know how and where to set up their materials the day of the wedding. Ask them if they have any additional questions or problems.

You don't want to deal with any surprises the day of the wedding. Assign a friend or family member or friend to talk to vendors. This will free you up to enjoy everything that is going on the day of the wedding. Your friend or family member should be able to field any questions or concerns. Give your friend or family member the final checks for the vendors.

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They should be able to complete all payments without your help on the day of the wedding. Tip the wedding vendors. Once you get your marriage license, do you need any witnesses to get married in a court house? If you want to get married at the courthouse in a civil ceremony, you do still need two witnesses. However, you can usually have members of the court stand in as witnesses for you. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful You only need your birth certificate if you're under 21 to verify that you are at least Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8.

In North Carolina, officiants need to be over 18 and be formally ordained. However, officiants can obtain ordination online if they wish. Not Helpful 3 Helpful The Fair Credit Reporting Act "FCRA" is a federal law that promotes the accuracy, fairness and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. OnlineSearches does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the FCRA.

OnlineSearches cannot be used for background checks related to consumer credit, insurance, employment, housing or any other prohibited under the FCRA. Find out more about the FCRA here. Public Records Search.

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Search Public Records by Name. First Name:. Last Name:. View detailed county map. Links to state and local court records, general North Carolina court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in North Carolina. Directory of court locations in Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Includes local links to searching court records, dockets, legal research, self help, and more.

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Search Brunswick County property tax and assessment records by owner name, address, or parcel id including GIS maps. Search Brunswick County recorded documents including deeds and maps with free registration. Search Brunswick County jail and inmate records through Vinelink by offender id or name. Brunswick County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. From the U.

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